We have incredible clients!

These are real clients. They are all extraordinary men with a tremendous commitment to love and becoming their best self. They applied themselves, followed the system, and pushed through huge challenges, old fears, and limiting beliefs to succeed in dating and relationships.

How best to describe my work with Nate? Powerfully transformative. Nate helped guide me to find my own answers to some very challenging issues in my life, including an intimate relationship that I struggled with for months and months. Nate’s guidance and support was exceptional. In a wide variety of ways he provided a good balance between holding me accountable and seeking to understand how I wanted to grow as a man, partner, father and entrepreneur. Today I am thriving in a relationship with a woman who reflects nearly all of the ‘ideal partner’ characteristics that Nate had me identify I am most grateful for Nate’s role in my life, and cannot recommend him highly enough. You want to elevate your life, hire Nate.

Don McLaughlin, Founder/CEO – PurePower Botanicals

In the Spring of 2017, my love of 12 years walked out on me, not really providing much information as to why or if she’d be gone for good.  I lived in this state of purgatory for about six months, constantly depressed, anxious, and just generally not even close to my normal self.

After only the first session, I was challenged by Nate in a way I’ve never been before.  His sound advice and accountability started me down a path of healing and regrowth.  We worked hard at getting my emotional state back in line and putting me in the best place possible to win the love of my wife back.  Unfortunately, that didn’t ultimately happen.  But, believe it or not, I was the one that actually ended it.  Nate had given me so much strength and self confidence that I had never felt before, allowing me to be completely fine on my own and knowing that I had to do what was most aligned with my own virtue.  So, as hard as it was, I let her go and moved forward in the best place I’d ever been.

Since the split, I’ve used this new found confidence to really blossom in ways that I was initially holding myself back.  I’ve been dating and although it’s a very new thing for me, turns out it’s not as hard as I thought it may be.  I was so worried when I was losing my wife that I would never date as beautiful of a woman as her, or that I wouldn’t be good enough.  Turns out, there are beautiful women everywhere, and some of them actually do want to be with me haha.

I can’t say enough good about the life-long skills that Nate helped instill in me…. or better, helped me instill inside of myself.  Not only am I back on track in my personal life, happy and loving every day, I am now seeing someone fairly seriously that is amazing to me and we get along amazingly.  Couldn’t have done it without Nate.”

Cody Beebe, Co-Founder/President – Digital Vendetta Productions

How did my coaching sessions with Nate help me in Dating women?  In finding “The One?”

Working with Nate immediately gave me confidence and inspiration to be myself when dating.  I was more comfortable and found comfort in the knowledge that most women aren’t the right women for me.  It’s okay to be myself and not try to make this woman like me – in fact, that is what she wants anyway!  I moved from someone hoping something good would happen to someone actively seeking what I wanted.  I found the exercises we did around knowing what I was looking for really helped me clarify things.

In fact, it was only about 8 months after we started coaching sessions – once I had a solid vision of what I wanted and who I was looking for – that I met my now fiancé and soon to be wife.  When I first met her I sort of already knew she was the one because I had such a clear vision of what I had been looking for.  Working on that vision gave me the confidence to ask this woman to marry me and continue to happily move toward marriage.

Thanks, Nate!

Brooks Bailey

I quickly began making progress after the first conversation with Nate. Nate is extremely friendly and easy to talk to. From the beginning, Nate made it clear that I was not going to get the results I wanted without putting in the work to do it. I learned to become a man of action, assertively going after what I wanted with enthusiasm.

My “respectable” dating life was a thing of the past after coaching with Nate. I soon found the woman of my dreams. By facilitating my ability to firmly identify my values and what I want in a woman, as well as the confidence to pursue this woman, Nate’s coaching helped me pursue my dream woman who is now my wife and the mother of my soon to be first child. The cool thing about the coaching is it helped me sustain my happiness and desire to remain the best version of myself. The coaching was extremely beneficial even after I had made tremendous strides and had achieved many of my objectives. It allowed me to avoid the trap of complacency in pursing my perpetual goal of being the best version of myself. I now can be the best person, husband, father, son, and friend I envisioned myself to be. I truly could not have done this without Nate’s coaching. It forever changed my life….

Wayne Jones

If you are reading this, I assume you are presently considering if this is the right decision for you.

My name is Peter. I am 40 years old, single, never married and no children. I work as a registered nurse. At the time that I decided to work with Nate, I was coming out of a 4 year relationship with the loveliest woman I have known. In that relationship, I gave my heart away and captured hers. However, she did not want to have children and I do, so sadly it ended.

The year following the break-up was tough and I had one date the entire year. Time was a wasting and I knew I needed an action plan to survive. I was faced with some real heartache and was filled with doubt over whether I would make another costly decision. I read books and articles to help , I stayed positive, but ultimately felt unproductive.

The reason I chose to hire a coach was because I needed to make meaningful changes in my dating habits and I was no longer willing to except leaving my well-being to chance. I had already given up so much and I wanted to fight for my happiness.

We worked on an outline of what I wanted to create in my life. I needed to improve the frequency and quantity of dates. I had a goal to go on one date a week within 2 months of our sessions. It has been 3 months and I am going out with 1 to 3 women a week. My approach to meeting women is based on actions that I desire to take. I have a greater awareness of my presence in the lives of others. This work has been meaningful to me in that it is healing how I understand my manhood.

I hope my story helps. I would also like to thank Nate Hockstra for investing in me. Nate is a great listener and has keen insight in living with authenticity.