About Nate

Hi, I’m Nate and I help men find the women of their dreams so that they can live happy, fulfilling lives in an extraordinary relationship. I believe it is my honor and purpose to help men reclaim their masculine power and ignite a flame within them that attracts their feminine reciprocal.


I’ve been coaching for over 6 years, was trained and mentored by Tony Robbins, conducted over 10,000 coaching sessions and coached over 500 men from all over the world.


I went through many challenges finding the woman of my dreams. For years I tried various things including dating dvds, books on “pick up”, I even ended up going to a dating bootcamp! I found a lot of the information taught about dating to be misaligned with my personal integrity and goals.


After years of trial and error, I learned a lot and started to figure out a several principles to love and dating. More importantly, I figured out how to attract a relationship and the woman of my dreams. I’m now married to her and we travel the world living a life of freedom and love.


The challenges I went through in my own life have prepared me to share these tools and ideas with my clients. I have helped them find success in dating while staying true to themselves without the need for “pick-up” or games. Ultimately, they find the woman of their dreams faster than they ever thought possible!


While working with me you will learn the principles of attraction, remove any mental and emotional blocks, create a plan for success and be challenged beyond your comfort zone.


Sound good to you? Let’s get going!

If you’re ready to…


  • Get into an amazing relationship with an incredible woman, which gets better every day, and keep the attraction forever
  • Attract a high-quality partner, anywhere, anytime, regardless of your looks or location.
  • Prevent a woman from “Ghosting”   and separate yourself from all the men out there who are frustrated!
  • AND do ALL this while going from a handful (or even zero) meetings with women a year … to several every single week!

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How best to describe my work with Nate over the course of nearly a year? Powerfully transformative. Nate helped guide me to find my own answers to some very challenging issues in my life, including an intimate relationship that I struggled with for months and months. Nate’s guidance and support was exceptional. In a wide variety of ways he provided a good balance between holding me accountable and seeking to understand how I wanted to grow as a man, partner, father and entrepreneur. Today I am thriving in a relationship with a woman who reflects nearly all of the ‘ideal partner’ characteristics that Nate had me identify 18 months ago, and I’ve just launched my second successful business that aligns with the goals and ideals that Nate and I worked on clarifying together. I am most grateful for Nate’s role in my life, and cannot recommend him highly enough. You want to elevate your life, hire Nate.

Don McLaughlin, Founder/CEO – PurePower Botanicals